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GM Collin

GM Collins

Phytoaromatic Mask 1.7oz

$34.00 $32.98

Phytoaromatic Mask combines an effective complex of plant and marine extracts.Green Clay and Kaolin purify, refresh, and illuminate the skin. The essential oils purify and energize the skin.This wonderfully refreshing mask soothes and revitalizes the...

GM Collins

Body Hydrating Cream 6.75oz

$46.00 $44.62

This supple and velvety highly nourishing cream wraps the body in splendid softness, ensuring ultimate long-lasting hydration from shoulders to toes. A true source of youth! Entirely paraben-free and alcohol-free, Body Hydrating Cream is best applied...

GM Collins

Body Treating Oil 1.7oz

$28.00 $27.16

Body Treating Oil is a sublimely light oil with a delicate texture. It visibly enhances skin elasticity and firmness through its high hydration effect, making it feel satiny soft, healthier and younger-looking. It provides a pleasant sensation of...