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Lice Treatment Mousse, 4oz

Majority (98%) of all head lice cases found today are the new mutant strain of lice, termed ‘super lice,’ which are resistant to over the counter treatment and prevention products. Along with not only being ineffective, these products contain harmful pesticides and chemicals, which worried The Lice Crew as they were being left on children’s scalps for significant periods of time, and often the process had to be repeated.

The Lice Crew is proud to have developed and offer 100% pesticide-free, all natural, safe and effective products to now assist families in their fight against head lice.

  • Safely removes lice an their nits (eggs) using naturally occurring enzymes to treat an infestation
  • Dissolves the glue that holds the nit (egg) to the hair shaft for easier removal
  • Pesticide-free, all natural formula
  • To be used together with The Lice Crew Lice Terminator Comb
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